Speak it!  Harvest Church Spirit Filled - Growing by 10 people per month - We lift up the name of Jesus - Tithers, Workers, Worshipers, Musicians, Pastors - Young Families with multiple children - Families with teens - Brand new families - Singles - Retired Couples - Empty Nesters - In need of salvation, healing, restoration, looking for a place to worship, new in the community, established in the community, business owners, entrepreneurs - God is good all the time - We praise His Holy Name!
We speak the Word of God - not watered down words - Harvest Church is a prophetic church - a healing church - a word of wisdom church - a word of knowledge church - a discerning church - working of miracles church - a faith church - a tongues speaking and interpreting church - a church with administrative gifts - a mercy church - a hospitable church - Yahweh! Harvest is full of prosperity that comes only from God! The Blessing of the Lord it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it - We lift up the name of Jesus! Yeshua Ha Machiach - Harvest celebrates the Feasts of the Lord - Many are being saved at Harvest Church - Salvation Church

A Home of Love, Faith, & Healing
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A Spirit - Word Church
SERVICES: Sunday 10:30 AM & 6:30 PM    /    Wednesday 6:30 PM
12615 Wicker Ave ~ Cedar Lake,IN 46303